LOVE: as in sexy, irresistible, like chocolate.

TAN: as the body in the sun, an elemental sensation.

JANE: as in Tarzan, embodying the essence of woman, connected with nature.

LOVE TANJANE is an entirely feminine collection created by designer Sonia Erneux.

Sonia grew up in Brussels, Belgium. Sonia moved to NYC then LA then Ojai...

The line has a European sexiness infused with the essence of California ease.

LOVE TANJANE is a reflection of the designer's sensual connection with OJAI, California landscape and lifestyle and is based on the needed essentials of a woman's wardrobe. The natural fabrics are hand treated with low impact dyes.

The LOVE TANJANE collection constantly evolves - a living wardrobe that is never indulgent but somehow decadent, that makes a woman feel good in her skin and comfortable with her body.

Like basking in the sun, feeling the earth underfoot.

Alive. Essential.

LOVE TANJANE is a fair trade, eco and a woman owned company.

LOVE TANJANE is designed, produced and hand dyed in OJAI California.